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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Product Review: Carols Daughter Sexy Belly

So I know I haven't put up many bath and body product reviews because for a while nothing has really caught my attention.......that is until I tried Sexy Belly from Carol's Daughter.  First off I am surprised that I was even able to score this magic in a jar because it is usually sold out EVERYWHERE!  What is Sexy Belly?  This 100% natural product reminds me of a very luxurious body butter, it is vitamin rich has shea and cocoa butter which improves skins elasticity.  The scent is light not overpowering, I even wear my usual perfumes and body sprays with no interferance of the product.  It's recommended for sensitive skin and for mommies to be to prevent and lighten strech marks.  I think the product is a winner and especially with all this snow and harsh winter weather.  So there you have it Carol's Daughter Sexy Belly $17.00 for an 8oz jar but this product tends to sell out quickly so be sure to buy more than one at a time.  Until next time Be Beautiful